Atlanta has three electric scooter companies that provide e-rides around the city: Bird, Lime and JUMP. These scooters provide a way to get quickly between short distances, but there are also rules and regulations to follow.

Things to Know

  • You must be 18 years old to rent
  • Must have a valid driver’s license
  • E-scooters are not allowed on sidewalks, the BeltLine and in Piedmont Park
  • A helmet is highly recommended and technically required by the rental agreement. Bird provides free helmets; you just have to pay shipping cost.
  • Park off sidewalks or allowing at least 5 feet of pedestrian walkway
  • There are currently four e-scooter companies to choose from in Atlanta:

Bird E-Scooters

Download an app to find and unlock Bird e-scooters, which are dockless and can be left almost anywhere as long as proper procedures are followed. Upon creating account, you’ll add your payment information so you’ll always be ready to go at a touch of a button.

Lime E-Scooters

Lime is also a dock-free e-scooter service that provides more mobility and accessibility rental options. Features include a low-income rate, cash payment options at retail stores and text-to-unlock feature in addition to apps in case users don’t have a smartphone. There is also an app for finding and paying for a rental.

Lyft E-Scooters

Use the Lyft app to find and use Lyft’s e-scooters. You can lock and hold your e-scooter if you need to hop off for an activity or errand and also reserve in advance.

JUMP E-Scooters

Uber is the parent company of JUMP, and you can use your existing Uber app (or download it) to find and unlock scooters. Discounts on helmets are provided.