Zoo Atlanta Directions

Zoo Atlanta is in the historic Grant Park neighborhood near downtown Atlanta. Pandas are the unique attraction, and other popular animals include elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes and gorillas. There are also regular events for adults and children that make the zoo a fun place to visit year round.

Transit Options

Zoo Atlanta is about a 30-minute walk or 9-minute bike ride away from the closest train station, King Memorial, on the green and blue lines. You can also hop on an e-scooter if one is near the station, with a travel time between the two above. There are several restaurants along the way that you can combine with your commute, including Augustine’s, Six Feet Under, Tin Lizzy’s Cantina, Ria’s Bluebird, Grant Central Pizza & Pasta and Blue Dakota.

Choose from two short bus routes: 9 departs from the King Memorial Station on the green/blue line and 832 departs from the West End Station on the red/gold line. It is free to ride the bus if you are transferring from a train.

Taxi Program
If you’re staying at participating downtown hotel, there is a free Checker Cab taxi service to and from the zoo).

You can rent a Relay Bike at the King Memorial Station, bring your own on the train or bike from a nearby neighborhood. While the ride from the station to the zoo isn’t too bad, be advised that there aren’t any bike lanes or bike paths, so it is all street commuting, including across or on busy Memorial Drive.

We recommend using Cherokee Avenue to cross I-20 instead of Boulevard depending on your starting location (includes most areas north of the zoo). Additionally, the best neighborhoods for biking to the zoo include East Atlanta and Ormewood Park via Glenwood Avenue, Ormewood Avenue or United Avenue.

Atlanta Airport to Zoo

If you’re considering a visit to the zoo during a layover or are keen to get right to the zoo upon arrival, we recommend the following options:

Without traffic, the zoo is about 20 minutes away from the airport. Currently you have to take a long walk through airport parking areas to reach the pick up location for Uber and Lyft cars. Head to the escalators near South Baggage Carousel 5 or North Baggage Carousel 4 and follow signs.

Train + Bus
Surprisingly, it is only about 30 minutes (just 10 minutes longer) to get to the zoo via train and bus. It is also a cheaper commute option, but you’ll have to lug your luggage around with you. Take any train departing the airport to the West End Station and transfer to bus 832 there.

Zoo Atlanta to the Georgia Aquarium

If you’re planning to visit the zoo then go to the Georgia Aquarium, there are a couple travel options:

For a quick ride between attractions, request a car. Trip time is less than 15 minutes without traffic.

You can also walk/bike/e-scooter your way back to the King Memorial Station. Board a westbound train and ride three stops to the GWCC/CNN Station. From there, walking time to the aquarium is about 15 minutes, or rent an e-scooter if one is near the station.

Taxi Program
If you’re staying at participating downtown hotel, take a taxi from the zoo back to your hotel. If you are staying at a hotel in walking distance of the aquarium, you can merely stroll over to the aquarium at your convenience.